Update on the DVBBS incident in Hungaray as an eyewitness gives account

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DVBBS reported leaving two fans unconscious in dressing room

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One of the biggest stories stemming out of the wide world of Electronic Dance Music is that of the incident that occurred at Baloton Sound in Sziget, Hungary this weekend involving Canadian mainstream duo of DVBBS. In initial reports, though accounts vary, 2-3 girls were found by the cleaner in the duo’s dressing room in an unconscious state after what is being termed as the duo fleeing from the country. Though the duo gave their statement online completely washing off any allegations of drug abuse and misdeeds as they claimed to have gone through the Police proceedings and were up for helping the same with their proceedings in the case. While drug tests, proceedings filed for by one victim’s mother and other stories build-up around this incident, one of the eyewitnesses has come forward to give an insight into the nights proceedings.

After the story first broke there was a great divide on the internet on which stance to take. While some maintained that nothing can be ascertained until a Police report was issued, others took the harsher road and walked the ill path of ‘they asked for it after drinking and fooling around’ argument. Authorities and close friends of the victims have said that the case is otherwise and that girls were generally of strong character.

To set the story straight, the intermediary maintains that the girls did not feel any risk as they were surrounded by an entire crowd of people and only went in to get autographs from the artists. She also says that the night seem to fell apart after “they had drank too much”, constantly assuring that the Canadian duo were kind to them. Story keeps revolving but some relief for the duo is there as a case for sexual abuse is out of the picture after the Police inquiry.

The highlight of the story comes as the witness puts forth claims that the duo’s manager tried to block the door when one of the girls tried to head back to the dressing room to retrieve her friend who was still inside. Though not clear, after this incident the duo fled the scene and the girl came out crying, visibly unsettled. The proceedings are expected to continue but as of now the duo are only involved in a charge of drug usage which they’ll look to resolve with the police.

Further updates to follow.

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