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Wasback hails from the quaint

Wasback talks about the past, inspirations and future plans in his career in exclusive interview

Home Uncategorized Wasback talks about the past, inspirations and future plans in his career in exclusive interview

Wasback hails from the quaint city of Alessandria, near Milan in Italy. But that doesn’t reflect his sound and portfolio by any stretch of the imagination. Previously under the alias of ‘Renegade’, Wasback has enjoyed releases on the likes of Nicky Romero’s label, alongside Magnificence and Alex Nash, with “Memories“.

Charting high in the Beatport Chart’s, the Italian DJ/Producer has already received support from some of the scene’s most respected. Including the likes of Martin Garrix, Deniz Koyu, Tom Swoon, Morgan Page and Mr.Black, Wasback is certainly set to make an impact on the scene.

You only started producing a couple of years ago. What initially got you interested in electronic music? Do you have a previous background in music?

I started to get interested in house music about 4 years ago. I initially listened to Alesso, Nicky Romero and Avicii. Then after a while I decided to start playing buying my first consolle and starting to do my first nights. Only then I saw how much was difficult to get to play in some club/disco. Then I set me as a goal to produce and be able to became a name. So two years later I began taking piano lessons, and at the same time I also started to produce with fl studio. After about a year I was able to do something nice. But in this year I dedicated really so much of time to fl studio to learn how to produce tracks.

Less than a year ago, you released music under your previous alias “Renegade” which was a collaboration with Dutch uprising duo Magnificence on Protocol. Could you tell us about the collaboration?

Everything started last summer when Alex Nash and I spent so much of time in studio trying to do something strong and release it in some big label. After a day in the studio, i let came out the first draft of Memories (in June). We immediately understood that it could come something of really cool. We began to work in It for almost two weeks, and try to creat something that we thought was really good. So we decided to let it listen to Magnificence for a feedback (as we wanted to have more feedback as we can for a better work). The y don’t give us a feedback but a request: ‘would you like to finish it with us? We understood the potential of the track. So we accettammo and via Skype we finished the track. In August we sent the track to Protocol and after a fee weeks the told us that they wanted to let it go out for the ep of the ADE. It was a really good and important news. We spent on it so much time and we really believe in It. Memories gone out the 14 of october 2015 and after a week was in the top 100 progressive house Chart at 13. We had a lot of supports, like from Nicky Romero and Martin Garrix.


What was the reason behind the change in your image and artist name?

Everything started after the release on Protocol. I seen that the name Renegade was really used on Beatport, soundcloud and Twitter. I decided to change my name, also if it was difficult for me Because it all appened after the release and it meant losing all the Like on socials. I started a new project so that i could have my name, only mine. So together with my agency we decided Wasback, like return back, what appened to me.

You have just released “Shots Fired”, a collaboration with BL3R on Metanoia. Could you tell us about the collaboration?

BL3R and I started talking one year ago on Facebook. We decided to start this track and after a few months Shots fired was finished and we needed a powerful vocal to take it to the top. We thought to roxanne emery. Thanks to her amazing voice Shots fired was ready. Changing my name the track has been in stand by for some problems. The track has gone out as BL3R X Wasback. We decided to let it free, and after a month Metanoia asked us if we wanted to release it with them on soundcloud and spotify. So the track has gone out the 24th on june, and after a week Shots fired gets more than 150k plays. I think that is one of the best track i worked for, also Thanks to Bl3R and roxanne emery.

How challenging is it to be a newcomer on the electronic music scene? Do you have any advice for upcoming producers?

My only advice is to work a lot and believe in what you do. Also if at the biginning is hardly, also if we spent on it months and months, you have to believe in what you do. I thought that after a release like Memories on Protocol it was more ‘easy’ but not. Is always more difficult Because you’ve to mantain same level and quality.

What do you think about the current music scene and how do you think it will progress in the next few years?

I think it’s changing Really so much. When i started producing i always listened to Alesso,SHM and Nicky Romero. The artists weren’t a lot. Now there are really a lot of people Who produce. Also if it is a positive thing, at the same time there’s more competition.

What are your plans for the rest of the year? Do you have any upcoming projects on the horizon?

i’ve really so much tracks ready, so much collab with strong artists and tracks with singers. I’m also working to the follow up of Memories, but this time with the vocal (is the only thing i can reveal you). But i’ve really so much of tracks that i want to let you listen soon!

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