Watch Skrillex design the sound for the 4th Transformers movie with Moody Good

In the sultry May of 2014, ran a piece covering an interview with one of the biggest names in the Electronic Music industry and his connection with the then upcoming 4th movie of the Transformers franchise. It was finally true, Skrillex was working on the music for the movie and the already hyped up movie had just gathered more attention owing to the American’s massive fan base. Admittedly then, he was working on various other projects, with fellow artists such as Diplo, and some movies but had reserved “the craziest Skrillex sounds [he] could ever make” for the Transformers movie.

Well, now that we have our hands on the documentary titled ‘Transformers 4: The Final Touches‘ which captures the whole production process behind the movie, we get a sneak peak into the work that Skrillex did on the movie sound design. Note that Skrillex enters in the documentary at 13:30 to be precise.

But the documentary fails to mentions, even from Skrillex‘ perspective, the contribution of fellow OWSLA artist Eddie Jefferys or as he is better known – Moody Good. In an interview with Complex, Skrillex mentions the combination as follows:

I worked on some sound design forTransformers: Age of Extinction. Moody Good and I made full-on bass, dinosaur-robots-killing-each-other sounds. Just fucking noises, the craziest Skrillex and Moody Good sounds, but times 10 for that movie. There are Dinobots in this new movie, so we got to focus on that new sound.

It was just sound design. I didn’t want to do music. They first assumed I was scoring but it was nice to say, “No, I don’t want to make music, I don’t want to make melodies, I just want to make crazy sounds.” It was a lot of fun sitting there geeking out with Eddie [Jefferys], who’s just a genius, one of the best sound designers in the whole game, and you heard from the stuff [we made] that he’s on that crazy level where it’s just so detailed and 3D and cinematic.

We didn’t have time to do the whole thing, but we did a good chunk. If we wanted to, they would’ve let us do the whole thing, they were so cool and open. We looked at scenes we could identify with immediately like, “OK, we’ll do the Dinobots.”

Regardless, the documentary and the movie showcase the L.A. based artist to transcend the world of mere Electronic music into doing his best at creating the “crazy Skrillex sounds” for movies. The movie’s OST composer Steve Jablonsky reminds us of his talent when he quips that Skrillex just came to the studio for a week and left a huge library of cool sounds that they ended up using throughout the movie.



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