Adrian Lux – Alicia

Adrian Lux is back with his brand new single entitled “Alicia.” This is a production which fans have been waiting to get their hands on for just over a year ever since Jeremy Olander dropped it in his Mixmag lab set last July and finally this beast has been unleashed. The “Teenage Crime” star is going down a different direction on this latest record and it’s a change which we’re more than happy with.

The dreamy, melodic progressive masterpiece is a true work of art and shows that less is always more. The Swede has conjured up a bass line and chord progression which runs throughout the track but doesn’t once feel as though it’s getting stale as various different drum elements are added and manipulated throughout to keep things interesting. The eerie, ethereal synth line which runs throughout the track has a dreamy, unreal feel to it while that simple chord progression coupled with the bassline adds to the deeper darker feel of this tune.

What Lux has executed on “Alicia” is by no means an easy feat, while to many this may seem like a simple track, it’s one which holds it’s effect on you long after the tune fades out as its catchy and dreamy substance means you’ll no doubt be coming back for more. A true masterclass in progressive house from Lux. And as this has been labelled as ADRIANLUX001 on his Facebook page, we’re expecting tracks of a similar vein in the near future.

You can stream “Alicia” direct from Spotify below: