Afrojack & Steve Aoki’s monster hit “No Beef” is five years old today

2011 was quite simply a phenomenal year for dance music. It was a year during which the genre which some massive new heights, and one of the biggest tracks of the year was definitely “No Beef” from Afrojack and Steve Aoki. Today that tune is five years old.

The monster collaboration between these two big room heavyweights completely shook the world up and totally dominated festivals for years upon its release and is still dropped to massive acclaim in sets today. The mixture of melodic elements with blaring big room was a total hit with fans and spawned hundreds of knock off tunes in an attempt to try and cash in on “No Beef’s” success.

Another dimension was of course added with the fantastic vocals from Miss Palmer who helped bring the track into the mainstream with her infectious voice and the tune went as far as hitting number 25 in the UK official singles chart. Who of course could forget the music video which featured the two DJs roaming around Las Vegas which you can catch below: