Arty’s sumptuous “Kate” turns 5 years old today

Russian talent Arty has a portfolio that spans many sub-genre’s of dance music, but consistently bodes well with his loyal and ever-growing fan base. So when an anniversary of ones of his finest pieces of musical composition occurs, people get rightfully excited and nostalgic.

Now a household name within the scene, he has steadily risen from starlet, to upcoming talent to what is now a more esteemed status. A place where people can equally look back on his work, and look forward to what is to come. Having had prominent releases such as “Trio” and “Together We Are” in his time, Arty has delivered some astounding pieces of progressive house in recent times. Evident with his 14-track debut album, ‘Glorious’.

Shrouded in quality, his track “Kate” is arguably his finest contribution to Trance to date. An iconic piece from Above & Beyond’s label Anjunabeats, it reflects the roots of his modern mastery. Accumulating well over one million views, its comment sections is always alive with nostalgic praise. Receiving a Remix last year, its reception wasn’t as favorable as the original, with many claiming it couldn’t be bettered regardless of who tried.

Holding one of best melodies of the present decade for many, Arty’s work from the start to the very end of “Kate” is something that holds a timeless essence. So without further ado, relive the heavenly Trance vibes below!

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