Avicii’s classic track “Last Dance” turns 4 years old today

One of dance music’s most phenomenal figures has finally ended his touring career with a performance for the ages at Ushuaïa Ibiza. Since breaking through the scene, this Swedish sensation has accumulated an insurmountable amount of accomplishments with his numerous record-breaking releases and his multiple headline-worthy performances. Having so much success throughout his illustrious career, this icon’s tenure within the industry is truly worth celebrating and thus, we thank you, Avicii.

Over the years, Avicii has gained much of his prominence from multi-platinum recording tracks such as “Levels”, “Silhouettes”, and “Wake Me Up”. While in the midst of his immense rise toward the top of the mountain, the world-renowned producer also released a brilliant progressive house masterpiece called “Last Dance”, which celebrates its four-year anniversary today.

Featuring Avicii’s signature melodies and piano chords, the track is certainly a treat to hear from start to finish. With the addition of the catchy whistles and mind-boggling synths, this record showcases the notorious style that placed Avicii’s name toward the higher ranks of dance music and proves the musical talents this living legend possesses.

As Avicii celebrates his last dance from touring around the world, let’s relive one of his best productions and cherish the memories we have had listening to his outstanding music.