Axwell & Shapov – Belong

The time has finally come! Axwell, one of the electronic music scene’s most prominent legends, has just dropped his astounding production that numerous fans have been anticipating for since 2014. For this brand new Axtone release, the Swedish mastermind joined forces with his Russian protégé Shapov, who has clearly been on a path to superstardom. Together, these two incredibly talented artists present the emotionally-driven “Belong” and the results of this collaboration are certainly nothing short of beautiful.

In the midst of an extremely busy schedule touring with Sebastian Ingrosso, Axwell has finally completed this long-awaited record alongside Shapov. With such great momentum following the release of “Barricade” and “Thinking About You”, Axwell will surely keep the fire burning, or even amplify the flame, with this rejuvenating progressive house gem.

Similarly, former Hard Rock Sofa member Shapov has also gained a vast amount of success throughout his illustrious solo career. With top-notch productions under his discography, including “Everybody” with M.E.G. & N.E.R.A.K. and “Our World” with Justin Tranter, Shapov continues to show why he is one of the most creative and skillful producers in the business and his work along with Axwell is no different. While working with the Russian prodigy, Axwell stated:

“Working with Shapov has been a real pleasure. He is one of the most talented artists around right now, and I’m pleased to be a part of his musical journey and to have him representing Axtone at shows all around the world.”

Ever since the track’s debut around two years ago, “Belong” has touched the hearts of many people all across the globe. After passing its crowd-testing phase, especially when Axwell and Shapov played it during this year’s Tomorrowland, this single is now set to stun the rest of the world with its tantalizing sounds. Talking about his new release with Axwell, Shapov said:

“We’re very excited to be unleashing ‘Belong’ to the world! It’s been amazing to hear crowds singing it back to us already when we’ve play it out!”

Right from the get-go, “Belong” delivers its mesmerizing piano melodies that continue to build up toward the climatic sequence. The compelling male vocals soon arrive, which blends impeccably with the highly captivating instrumentals. While approaching the peak, the lovely guitar riffs and striking synths then enter into the mix, which all progress toward the riveting and moving drop.

In addition to the heart-warming original track, “Belong” also has a remode from Axwell & Years that consists of a more melody-driven climax. Either version, Axwell and Shapov’s new single indubitably takes the listener through an emotional roller coaster ride with its ravishing progressive house elements and uplifting vibes. This track, overall, not only showcases the two producers’ talents but also solidifies their status as some of the most deft and prolific minds in the industry.

“Belong” is out now on Axtone Records and you can download your copy here.

Also, for those people in Europe for the week, we recommend that you check out Axwell’s performance at the unique beach club of Zcre, Aquarius on August 15th with its star-studded lineup together with all of Axtone’s regulars.