Blink 182 – Bored To Death (Steve Aoki Remix)

Los Angeles party starter Steve Aoki has fostered a career around living outside the industry’s norm to a create a sound not only rich in production, but genre freeform as well. Since his Dim Mak party days to his current world excursions, Aoki has befriended all walks of music, learning from each and putting his knowledge to good use. Teaming up with long time friend and Punk icon Travis Barker of the infamous Blink 182, Aoki has recently stepped up to the challenge of remixing “Bored to Death”, a single from the groups most recent LP, California.

The remix challenges the original foundation with an upped beat placement, and enough momentum to rearrange a pop-rock song into an EDM ballad. The official music video of “Bored to Death” includes the perfect mashup of music, every 90s’ kid and on is sure to enjoy. The video takes pieces from both Blink 182 and Aoki performing, entangled in a high school environment. Both groups music and ideals are showcased throughout, making this a a collaboration 20 years in the making for Aoki.

In an interview done with Rolling Stone regarding the song, Aoki went on to say:

“I wanted to make a fun, crazed out drop that would make kids go wild to this song at my shows. It’s definitely the peak moment for me in my sets when I want the energy level at 11. I play this remix in every DJ set around the world, and I always stop the music to let the crowd know that Blink-182 is one of my favorite bands in the world – because they are.”

The proof is evident throughout that this team-up was most definitely a match waiting to come to fruition. For the rest of the Rolling Stone interview click here, and don’t forget to watch the official music video for “Bored to Death” below.

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