CID & Kaskade – Sweet Memories

In 2015, Kaskade released his ninth studio album titled ‘Automatic’, which included the American producer’s tracks alongside the likes of Galantis and John Dahlbäck. Another huge collaboration Kaskade had was his record called “Us” with New York-based artist CID. Following this release, CID recently announced that he has joined forces with Kaskade once again for his brand new single titled “Sweet Memories”.

On Facebook, CID posted a throwback video of Kaskade playing the track live at XS Las Vegas and unveiled the single’s release date. From the preview below, you can hear the lively male vocals and the groovy rhythm that the new record features. It also consists of some mind-boggling chords and basslines that would certainly make any listener dance from beginning till end. With its high-octane energy, this track is certainly capable of energizing any club or festival in the future, as proven by the short clip below.

“Sweet Memories” is out now and you can download a copy here.