Dada Life

Dada Life’s iconic track “Happy Violence” turns 5 years old today

The charismatic Swedish DJ/Producer duo Dada Life hold a unique place in the dance music scene. Quirky in their pursuits, yet consistent in their output, they’ve had hit tracks, sell out sets and even world records to their name.

Redeeming their validated absence, the duo have bounced back from Olle Corneér cancer diagnosis in emphatic, and true Dada Life style. Releasing “Red Is The Color of Rage” and “Yellow Is The Color of Happiness” within a week of each other, it was a triumphant response to “One Last Night On Earth” which was released a year ago. Making a worthy return to the Tomorrowland Main Stage last month also, its easy to over look how long they’ve been established in the scene.

A reminder of this is the fifth anniversary of their crowd favourite track “Happy Violence”. Coming in both a vocal version and instrumental piece, it has comfortably amassing over seven million plays online across both versions. True to the progressive house sound of 2011, the pitched lead melody laid perfectly above the rolling bass lines. And with an Official Music Video full of their symbol, a banana, it really was a fan favourite package upon its release five years ago.

Relive the infectious rhythm’s of Dada Life below and let us know where you were when you first heard this!

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