Deadmau5’s Cube 2.0 gets revealed at Toronto’s Veld

Deadmau5‘ Cube, arguably the most iconic structure in Electronic music history, returned at Toronto’s Veld this past weekend, after a long-awaited hiatus.

Since its debut at Coachella Music Festival back 2010, the Cube’s LED anatomy and production enhancement is something that’s taken the artist’s music to a level of untouchable proportions. The Cage, which took the place of the Cube for a short while, seemed to turn off fans from a lack of eye appeal and the nostalgia element he so easily exuded; So, the anticipation of the Cube has been at an all time high to say the least.

Announced last week, Deadmau5 took to Twitter where he shared a photo of his newest Cube design for Veld. Said to have cost Zimmerman a large sum of money, the Cube 2.0 is epic to say the least. Showcased in over ten minutes of footage below, the YouTube compilation encompasses all the hype surrounding the project since its announcement. It is, above all, an amazing feat for EDM and the ever-growing culture surrounding it.

Aesthetically pleasing to say the least, the video exposes the structure in its entirety. From the beginning, the Cube’s depth and mechanically produced layout are enhanced by the backdrop’s lighting display, which, perfectly syncs with the piece and its ever changing graphics.


As the video continues, Snapchat footage from Kelly Fedoni appears on the side of the screen helping to share the many angles and amazing features the Cube offered fans. Aside from unique graphics and soundtrack to follow, this reincarnation is nothing short of perfection. Not to mention, the clip also highlights a still on how each of the element rotates and is mechanically crafted into what we as viewers see.

It’s no question Deadmau5 knows just the right amount of flair to provide his devoted fans with a show, and keep them coming back for more. Watch the video and let us know what you think!

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