Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike

Dimitri Vegas responds to allegations against Tomorrowland vinyl set

Dimitri Vegas, and his duo compatriot Like Mike, made headlines for the rights reasons earlier this year. After their 15 track mini-mix using vinyl at their ‘Bringing the Madness 3.0’, they then announced the intention to use the same disk-jockeying medium at Tomorrowland’s main stage.

Living up to their promise, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike certainly put the massive crowd into a frenzy during their signature closing set as the festival’s resident DJ’s. The video itself was the most streamed performance from all the performances at Tomorrowland over the 3-day weekend. Done to silence a number of their critics, they also threw in a number of tracks that inspired to enter the scene and their current careers.

However, a conspiracy of the legitimacy of the disk-jockey emerged over the past few days, prompting a number of the electronic music’s followers to question the duo’s integrity. But in another turn for the unfolding story, Dimitri Vegas has followed up a number of comment supporting the him and Like Mike, with a statement of his own. A side we rarely see from the artists who cop a lot of flack from the scene. And sadly, the status of No.1 DJ’s in the world does make them more of target from judgement and scrutiny.

Backing up the quality of their vinyl-only set, Dimitri Vegas succinctly describes his actions, debunking the conspiracy in its tracks. His accounts detail also highlights his knowledge on disk-jockeying and vinyl’s as a whole.

Check out his post and the drama below!

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