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In the build up to

Dirty South feat. Rudy – Just Dream

Home Uncategorized Dirty South feat. Rudy – Just Dream

In the build up to the release of his hotly anticipated third studio album, Serbian/Australian producer Dirty South has slowly been dropping singles and just yesterday he released one of his best, “Just Dream”, with the legendary singer and long time collaborator Rudy on vocals.

“Just Dream” is something totally fresh from Dragan and see’s him returning to his roots while moving away from the festival sound which he’s been pursing over the past few years.

An atmospheric and vocally driven intro sets the tone of the track with Rudy working his magic as always before the track slowly builds and cascades into a banging techy drop, reminiscent of some of the older Dirty South tunes. Definitely a more groove-orientated production than we’ve seen in the past, the track brings back some of the glorious proper house vibes.

Vibes which have been lost in the years since the dance music boom. Aided by the massive piano stabs seen in the drop section and second build really bringing out the goosebumps here. As the track moves towards its second climax, the piano idea teased earlier in the tune is brought to the front and centre and really adds some depth and variety.

The only issue with this track is that it leaves us begging for so much more at only 4 minutes in length. Hopefully Dirty South really continue with tracks in a similar vein in the future as this style is most certainly his best. Bringing back proper dance music.

Check out Dirty South’s latest masterpiece below!


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