Dustin Miles – Be Alright

Dustin Fraser, or better known as producer Dustin Miles, has recently caught the attention of many dance music listeners from across the globe. The Canadian artist received a lot of support for his debut single titled “Recover” alongside Kedo Rebelle and has continued to gain prominence with a couple of more high-quality releases afterwards. With remixes for the likes of Jasmine Thompson, A R I Z O N A, and most recently, Avicii and Otto Knows under his portfolio, Miles has indubitably kept an impressive discography thus far throughout his young career.

Returning with another record, the 20-year-old producer just dropped an astonishing tropical house tune titled “Be Alright“. Miles’ production style features the uplifting sounds and blissful vibes that are perfect for any beautiful day at the beach and this track certainly includes these elements.

With its flawless combination of riveting melodies, soothing whistles, and lovely chords, “Be Alright” delivers a euphoric auditory experience right from the get-go. The track consistently flows its ravishing sounds from start to finish, especially during the invigorating climatic sequence. Overall, the high-octane energy and heartwarming tropical house sounds truly make this record stand out from the rest, proving the musical talent Miles undeniably possesses.

“Be Alright” is out now and you can download a copy here.