Eric Prydz’s monumental hit ‘Pjanoo’ turns 8 years old today

It was one of the tracks that brought dance music to new heights, one of the classics of the last decade that continues to cause incredible reactions from crowds at festivals around the world. Eric Prydz‘s ‘Pjanoo‘ kickstarted this breakthrough era of dance music, and today it celebrates 8 years since its release. Of course, we know Eric Prydz has gone on to achieve unprecedented success in the music industry – from Beatport number 1s to sold out tours, but this may be remembered as his biggest hit of them all.

When fans think of the track, one thing comes to mind – the melody. Centred around the simple but effective chords, the melodic elements of the track will still send shivers down your spine no matter where you hear them. What is most impressive about this track in particular is its simplicity – Prydz has an incredible ability to turn a basic looped hook into a euphoric masterpiece by adding various elements to change the intensity, and this is a prime example. ‘Pjanoo‘ was yet another exhibition in music production from Prydz, and shows how far ahead of the game he was all those years ago.

And of course, who can forget the runaway cowboy and other dancing characters in the music video, which has accumulated almost 15million YouTube hits. Roll in the memories of this classic track below.