Exclusive Interview: Inpetto talks new single, Tomorrowland and those Breaking Bad costumes

Inpetto create amazing productions with a fantastic balance of beautiful melodies and power for the dancefloor.” – Axwell

When one of dance music’s leading exponents sings your praise people should take note. In a relatively short period of time siblings Marco and Dirk Duderstadt better known as Inpetto have built a name for themselves that’s propelled them to the forefront of the house movement. It’s that level of consistency that has made them a clear favorite among their peers, and elevated them to critical acclaim as producers, remixers and DJs.

No strangers to commercial success they also make up two-thirds of the dance act Fragma, who alongside Hardfloor alumni Ramon Zenker, topped just about every club chart in 1999 with their debut release, ‘Toca’s Miracle’. A year later they reached the apex of the coveted UK singles chart with the re-issue, while their album, ‘Toca’, proved they were no one-hit wonders yielding further hits including top five singles.


But it’s as Inpetto, their progressive oriented house alias that the duo is now fully focusing their attention. The latest release from the German power duo is ‘Need More’ with the lush locals of Lauren Mason. The track has received support by Mixmash boss Laidback Luke, Firebeatz and Swanky Tunes just to name a few.

We Rave You chatted to the guys about the new release and they delved into working with the power vocalist Lauren:

“We sent her a demo track in the style of “Learn To Fly”, a track we released last year on Mixmash Records, but we didn’t really feel that her voice fits on our playback. But as we already had done a lot more instrumentals, we luckily put her vocals on those housy chords you can hear in “Need More” and we instantly got goosebumps! It was sounding like it was written for each other.”

As Inpetto have worked with new emerging artists in the past, we chatted to the brothers about how important it is to find new talent that works well with their musical style and enhance their recognition.

“That is something important we love to do, because new talent has different inspirations. A combination of our experience of more than 200 released singles and remixes and a fresh impartial mind can turn things into something great! Also, as we also started like this many years ago, it is a great feeling helping new young talents getting a foot placed into the music business.”

With the evolution of electronic music moving at such a fast pace, experimentation with new sounds appears integral. The latest single “Need More’ includes more synths and percussion compared to the earlier days when ‘Toca’s Miracle’ was released. The brothers are all for experimentation in production:

“Always. We would quickly get bored if we would use the same synths and percussion every time. Experiments with weird and unusual sounds turned our songs into something different and special.”

The latest Inpetto release is on Mixmash and the brothers revealed their admiration for Laidback Luke’s label:

“Of course we were fans of the label. They already released so many fresh sounding tracks over the years. We always thought that an Inpetto-Mixmash combo would work very well. So we are really happy we became a part of the Mixmash Family last year.”

Having collaborated with Mixmash on a few releases, the duo revealed more about upcoming projects:

“We already finished two new singles for Mixmash and are currently working on a couple of other “almost finished” tracks as well. Besides some new trancy Duderstadt stuff we made it is going to happen a lot for the rest of the year.”

The German power duo were fortunate enough to play Tomorrowland an impressive two times this year. The brothers were featured on the line up for both the Belgium and Brasil festivals. The experience was unsurprisingly quite surreal for the guys:

“Both festivals were very special and impressive for us. We were very proud being part of these extraordinary events. We like the whole idea of this festival and it was a pleasure to see the people of all different countries united in one place having a good time together. We played both shows on the Super You&Me stage. So we had to play in costumes, which was also something new for us. In Brazil we played as Heisenberg and Jessie Pinkman, and in Belgium as Batman and The Joker. We always underestimated how hot it can get in disguise.”

If you didn’t get a chance to see the epic costumes or hear the brilliant set take a look below for some audio and visual talent from the talented German duo.


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