Faraz feat. PRYVT RYN – Find Me

Faraz is certainly a bright upcoming producer to look out for within the electronic music scene. Hailing from the city of Stockholm, which has generated some of the industry’s biggest names such as Avicii and Steve Angello, Faraz is yet another Swedish export that is set to make long strides in the future.

Faraz has been producing for a couple of years now and has been able to receive support from the likes of Chris Avantgarde & Marcus Schössow. However, the track that caught the attention of many fans from across the globe is his recent single called “Luna”. With over 20,000 streams on Soundcloud, this release has evidently received a vast amount of support and has given Faraz the momentum he needs to propel his career one step closer to stardom.

Returning with another astounding record, Faraz released his brand new single titled “Find Me”, which features the vocals of singer PRYVT RYN. The track features some lovely melodies that blend together nicely alongside PRYVT RYN’s vocals.

A striking chord progression and a flurry of guitar riffs also mix in and help build up toward the stunning climatic sequence. With its overpowering synths and heart-pumping basslines, the drop undoubtedly delivers a massive amount of energy and finishes off this beautiful overall production with a bang.

“Find Me” is out now and you can stream the track on Spotify here or on Soundcloud below.