Gareth Emery announces withdrawal from using social media

This past Thursday, English producer Gareth Emery announced that he will be refraining from using any social media outlet. In a lengthy update on his Facebook page, he expounded on his departure from posting on and communicating through different online sites. Revealing the main reason for this big decision, Emery said, “Because I chose this life for two reasons: to make music and to play music.”

The trance legend pointed out that rather than spending time being a famous online personality who constantly posts on social media, he wanted to focus on creating long-lasting music for his dedicated fans instead. He also mentioned that while family time is non-negotiable, he would preferably spend the rest of his day aimed toward his career as a producer and a disc jockey.

Despite his departure from social media, Emery did confirm that his accounts will still remain active. Sergei, who is a member of Emery’s management team, will be running the accounts for any necessary information regarding music, tour dates, etc. The timetable for Emery’s return is uncertain at this point in time, but we can expect an update from the management if the prominent producer decides to finally make his comeback.

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