Girls found unconscious in DVBBS’ dressing room demanding $360,000 in damages

It seems as though we have not heard the last of the controversy surrounding DVBBS.

Nearly a month ago the Canadian duo were involved in an incident that could have costly ramifications for the career of the popular DJs. After reports that girls were found unconscious in DVBBS’ dressing room at Balaton Sound music festival in Hungary, the social media went into a frenzy with speculations about what had occurred.

In the days following, information slowly began pouring in from Hungarian media outlets reporting that the number of girls found either unconscious or severely intoxicated was larger than initially reported. The story was made worse by the news of the duo’s arrest for possession of drug paraphernalia and a subsequent cancellation of their performance at Sziget Festival.

The Canadian brothers released a statement shortly after the story began developing, denying any knowledge of the incident. They stated: “We are shocked that some attendees of the Balaton Festival were victims of events which got them hospitalized.

The latest reports by the Hungarian media are stating that the lawyers of the victims are reportedly asking for a sum of 100,000,000 Hungarian forint, which roughly equates to $360,000 in damages. To add insult to injury the matter was further complicated by the fact that although initial reports from Hungarian police stated there was no sexual misconduct involved, authorities are now changing their stance and actively investigating sexual assault from an unknown third party at the scene.

DVBBS are expected to reach a settlement with the victims over the amount outside of court, with the promoter covering the remainder. It remains to be seen what consequences the public backlash against the duo will have on their music career.


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