Jauz, Laidback Luke, and Chocolate Puma express their opinion on pre-planned DJ sets

Following his performance during this year’s Lollapalooza in Chicago, Jauz posted a long post on Facebook regarding an experience he had at the festival. The American artist shared that prior to the event, he had initially planned his set but unfortunately forgot to transfer the music he wanted to use to his USB stick. As a result, he had no other choice but to “wing it”, or improvise the tracks that he was going to play in front of the massive crowd, to which he felt relieved afterwards for finishing up the set in a good note.

Jauz then concluded his post by stating that since a number of DJ’s pre-plan their live sets, it does not instantly mean that they cannot spin the decks ad-lib. He also added that whether a DJ pre-plans his or her set or performs in an impromptu manner, the only thing that matters is that every single member of the audience is entertained.

This recent post certainly garnered a lot of attention from fans and artists alike. A few specific DJ’s who responded to Jauz’s post on social media were Dutch legends Laidback Luke and Chocolate Puma, who are both renowned around the world for their incredible skills behind the decks. Laidback Luke, in particular, posted a series of tweets talking about his thoughts on Jauz’s post as well as pre-planned sets in general.

As one of the most talented disc jockeys in the business, Laidback Luke truly provided some valid points on the art of DJing. Responding to Luke’s posts, Jauz tweeted back:

Aside from Laidback Luke, Chocolate Puma also provided some insights on DJing through Twitter:

H/T: Dancing Astronaut