Kolsch announces date for new two track Kompakt release

Kolsch is without a doubt one of the hottest names in dance music. The house and techno maestro has been dominating the scene for a good few years now, and his latest release looks set to become one of his biggest. Coming out with the 93rd Speicher release on Kompakt’s Extra imprint, the Danish master has announced two brand new tunes entitled “Grey” and “Kir”. It’s assumed based on the video preview below that the “Grey” will be the monstrous ID which the Dane has been dropping in his sets for the past six months or so.

The beast of a track features tremendous horn sounds as the main hook which sound totally savage with a ridiculously powerful kick drum behind them. This is one of those tunes that makes your entire body shake when you hear it live. Featuring a nice piano-laiden breakdown before returning to the aforementioned horns, this is a proper dance-floor destroyer and as always is top notch from Kolsch who never seems to disappoint. As of yet it’s unknown what the second track will be but we’ve no doubt it’ll be a cracker as well.

You can catch a preview of the release below directly from Kolsch’s Facebook.