KSHMR previews a brand new track on his Facebook page

As one of the world’s renowned Music producer and now quickly upcoming DJ, any activity that comes through from KSHMR‘s quarters is closely watched by fans and keen Electronic Dance Music listeners. Be it a new track, a sample pack give-away, tickets for free or flying a fan to his next show, KSHMR pretty much runs the social media show on another level compared to his contemporaries. But underlying those acts of goodness is the fact that he is a producer like none other. Taking his ethnic roots from the east, mashing it with the Electronic Music of the West, there is not much in today’s scene that quite compares with the stuff that comes from the L.A. man’s production desk.

And in tandem with these qualities, the ‘Secrets’ hit-maker’s latest Facebook post may be quite telling. Raising the bar once again with his tricks and treats, KSHMR showcases an uncanny ability to take homegrown vocals from his ethnic roots of India and then prune and splice them nicely with the synth-work in his latest project, which he previews for the fans online. Though toughened by marketing gimmicks, fans nowadays know that they’ll hardly ever see the end of it in the preview, with KSHMR only this much does the trick. Till the next time this sure-shot hit comes around the corner, keep an eye out!

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