Listen to Avicii’s unreleased track “Forever Yours”

With his highly anticipated new album still in the works, Avicii has recently premiered a few tracks that could possibly take part in this upcoming collection. In particular, the Swedish sensation played several ID’s during his performances at Ultra Music Festival in Miami last March and at Electric Daisy Carnival United Kingdom last month.

Some of these unreleased records include his set’s introductory track unofficially titled “Without You” and his long-awaited release called “Heaven” alongside Simon Aldred. Throughout his live performances, however, an enthralling new track known as “Forever Yours” stands out quite a lot. With its masterful combination of various musical elements, this song perfectly emphasizes Avicii’s undeniable abilities as one of the most dynamic producers in this industry.

Featuring the lovely sounds of acoustic guitars and saxophones, “Forever Yours” undoubtedly provides a uniquely soothing listening experience and captivates the audience from start to finish. Alongside Avicii’s signature chords and melodies, this track effectively sends out the blissful vibes that would likely bring out some goosebumps for many people. To top it all off, the striking male vocals provide the extra emotion the track attempts to portray and complete this overall masterpiece from Avicii.

You can check out a rip of “Forever Yours” from Ultra Music Festival below: