Luciani – Kubick

Camille Luciani has returned once again with a brand new single that certainly keeps the ball rolling. Recently, the French producer has released some incredible tracks including a couple of mind-boggling edits of Sub Space’s “Thirteen” and Throwing Snow’s “Clasp”. Aside from these two productions, Luciani has also caught the attention of numerous listeners from across the globe with records such as “Dance like a Robot”, “Ozone 3.0”, and “Discomotion”.

Having such great momentum in hand, Luciani is back with a captivating techno track titled “Kubick”. With its underground beats and deep basslines, this tune definitely keeps a consistent flow of energy from start to finish, making it ready for any club environment. The track’s striking synths and eye-opening melodies also blend impeccably with the heart-pumping beats, which overall result into a gripping listening experience for any audience.

“Kubick” is out now and you can download a free copy below.