Maarten Vorwerk releases new sample pack for producers “Spiral Soundset”

Maybe one of the most admired producers on the scene to date, Maarten Vorwerk has become an EDM dynamite for not only his knowledge of the mixing board, but his commitment to helping the young producers of today learn the craft. With over 40 thousand Facebook followers alone, this electronic maverick has made it a point to make sure everyone with a dream is capable of achieving it. His “Tip of the Week” sessions have gone viral, not only because of each posts in depth explanations, but because of his expertise in all genre’s- new and old.

Released on Alonso Sound’s earlier this week, Vorwerk premiered his 10 minute sample pack: Spire Soundset, along with a “Tip of the Week” to follow. Tip number 120 goes into detail about song loops; something very important to not only the producer, but the listener as well. He goes on to say:

“It’s the groove and the choice of drums and additional sounds that should make you able to listen to the loop for hours, without it ever getting bored. So don’t just take a Kick, Snare and Clap. But try to let them stand out. Make them your own. Apply weird effects like phaser, flangers and non-typical delays, different EQ settings just to experiment.”

The sample itself is very really well executed, catchy, and modern enough to fit all settings a producer chooses to place it. The over 10 minute sample pack doesn’t only highlight his own personal flavor, the beats are easily recognizable to the works he’s done with some of the industry’s best.

From DVBBS, Borgeous, R3hab and more, Maarten Vorwerk has paved the way for today’s music, and is a huge reason, whether people recognize of not, for the progression of the scene since the early 2000s’.

Included in his tip of the week, Vorwerk also reminds fans that the sample pack is available for purchase, and the buyer will also receive 60 free loops, and a CD with over 200+ sounds to select from.

Listen to the Spire Soundset below, and let us know what you think.


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