Maarten Vorwerk will put his name on next single

Maarten Vorwerk is perhaps one of the most well-known “ghost” producers in the dance music scene and so has very rarely put his name on any of his tracks. Instead, he has sold them off to a wide range of DJs & artists (who have a lack of time to produce due to touring) so they could put their own name on the track and get all the credit. Many of these songs have been released on major dance music labels such as Spinnin’ Records, proving that Vorwerk is definitely a successful hit-maker.

On Monday, Vorwerk chose to post an update on his Facebook page, saying the following:

“Finishing of a song to which I am actually going to put my name on. ?”

He later commented on the post jokingly saying:

“This is of course such a bad track that I couldn’t sell it”

Could Vorwerk follow the steps of KSHMR and come out of his shell? Could we see him at Ultra Music Festival next year? Only time will tell…

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