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To sum up "Yebisah" in

Mark Knight – Yebisah

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To sum up “Yebisah” in one word, it would be timeless. The brand new cut from Mark Knight is a slice of absolutely incredible house music. No sub-genres, no tacky “future house”, this is pure unadulterated house music at its absolute and utter best. Created by Mark as a tribute to the dance music mecca which is Ibiza, everything about this tune screams classic house and sounds as though it’s come directly from the White Island.

Starting off with an inviting bass line and groovy drum rhythm, the track soon opens up as the main hook begins to develop before the first breakdown. When those emotional, uplifting strings start to come in, you can tell that this is a very special track, but it’s the piano which really sets this production apart from the rest.

A piano riff so catchy, so memorable and so uplifting it’ll make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up for weeks on end, this is some incredible writing skills from Mark here. If ever there was a chord progression that would remind you of summer then this is it.

An astoundingly uplifting yet simple bit of piano work that reminds us all of the classic house sounds of the 90s, this has to be without question one of the best tracks released this year, and for a tune which is a nod to the old days of house, it sounds incredible fresh and new as well. One of those tunes that you’ll always remember hearing for the first time, this is a song filled with heart and emotion which you’ll no doubt feel upon listening to it.

Speaking about the track Mark said:

“Ibiza has been instrumental in my DJing career and as an artist and this record is an ode to the most magical island on the planet. It’s a house cut that I hope a lot of DJs will love and recognise why it’s perfect to be played on the island.”

A perfect sunset or peak time song, “Yebisah” will be an Ibiza classic and indeed a dance music classic for years and years to come.

You can purchase “Yebisah” here and stream it below:


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