Mau5trap release 5th instalment of ‘We Are Friends’ compilation series

Mau5trap has seen a steady and rightfully earned elevation in reputation over the past 12 months or so, and its recurring ‘We Are Friends’ series has evolved to become the staple foundation of new material. This week we are treated to the 5th edition of the compilation album, and its certainly worth the wait.

Kicking things off is label frontman himself, Deadmau5, whose track ‘Saved‘ sets the tone for the rest of the album. Right from the get-go, “Saved” takes the audience through a hair-raising roller coaster ride. The track keeps a consistent level of energy throughout the entire nine-minute adventure, which will surely make anyone dance from start to finish. He returns to his classic style of production that truly mesmerizes the minds of listeners with an impeccable combination of dreamy synths and heart-pumping beats.

Deadmau5 has made it a habit of scouting out some of the best undiscovered talents, and providing them with the platform they need to showcase their music to a wider audience, and he has shown this yet again through the track selection for this impressive compilation. From dark electro to uplifting progressive to techno, this album has everything – and confirms that the future is bright for the label. With artists like ATTLAS quickly beginning to attract the attention of dance music followers around the world, his latest offering ‘Crawl‘ exemplifies why it is difficult to categorise him within just one genre.

Whilst young Canadian producer Rezz makes her return to Mau5trap with another haunting beat in the form of ‘Voice in the Wall‘. Another notable talent featured is Matt Lange, a name that has become an integral part of Deadmau5’s label after he took part in the Mau5hax bus tour around North America last February and March, and this time his remix to ‘Hell Is Other People‘ proves that he is a name to look out for. Overall, this is an album not to be missed, and will be sure to satisfy the taste buds of Mau5trap’s loyal followers as they wait in hot anticipation for the forthcoming album from the label boss himself.

Check out the full tracklist and listen below.