Michael Brun

Michael Brun Feat. Louie – All I Ever Wanted

Michael Brun has one of the most reputable status’ in the industry. And for good reason. The well-intentioned, sweet-natured DJ and Producer has a following that not only adores his production, but also his character. So when new material is released, people stop and listen.

After successful hits such as “Sun In Your Eyes”, “Wherever I Go” and “Tongue Tied July” in recent times, Michael Brun has had fans eagerly awaiting new material in 2016. Typically producing around the electro and progressive styles, he has often flirted with other sub-genre’s over time. Consistent in producing the same satisfied feeling with something new and of a high quality, the Haitian’s studio skill set are tough to rival.

His latest track sources from the track list of the upcoming EDM movie, ‘XOXO’.  A coming-of-age film oriented around the industry, other artist’s that feature on the soundtrack listing include the likes of Galantis. Set to be released on Netflix, the film even brought on British DJ icon and scene expert, Pete Tong, as Producer and musical supervisor.

“All I Ever Wanted” provide’s a glorious blend of fluttering melodies, heightened emotions and symphonic edges. Customised for the atmosphere of the movie, it brings festival vibes alongside a more intricate, personal tone. Topped with harmonic vocals of Louie, the fuses together into something magical. Incorporating Michael Brun’s renowned ear for quality and crisp sound’s, it is destined for repeat.

You can check out the trailer for XOXO, and listen to “All I Ever Wanted” in all its glory below!

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