Moby’s ‘Porcelain’ receives modern reworks from Arty and Above & Beyond

Renowned as one of the most iconic track of the 90s, Arty and Above & Beyond were recently given the task of putting their own spin on Moby’sPorcelian‘ and giving it the modern twist that it deserves. It was a bold move from both of these artists to take on such a classic hit, but yet again they do not disappoint. The two remixes have entirely different vibes, but yet both successfully retain the true spirit and emotion of the original.

Above & Beyond’s remix has the perfect combination of style and flare that will stir everybody’s impulse to dance, and will certainly be setting mainstages alight as the festival season nears its conclusion. The trio make use of a wide range of raw electric synths that combine perfectly to deliver energy and groove. The track is a tale of two stories, with the enchanting atmospheric of the original break combining with a hard and pulsating drop, similar in style to their recent hit ‘A.I‘.

Whilst Arty’s remix is centred around the euphoric chords of the original, the melodic elements of the track will still send shivers down your spine no matter where you hear them. The track itself is atmospheric and emotional, as the sensual vocals combine with the soft piano chords, guitar rifts and kick drum. Combine all of these elements and we can see why the Russian producer has become one of the most in-demand producers in the scene, continuing to produce hit after hit.

Listen to the A&B remix in full below, and stay tuned for both this and Arty’s remix release on August 26th.