Mysteryland will be the first festival to incorporate virtual reality in their live-stream

It is all the rage these days – live streams, and virtual realities. Features that can make you feel like you are actually there and aren’t missing out on any of the action. Which is why, this is a huge milestone for festivals, especially Mysteryland as it is the first festival to incorporate a 360-degree virtual reality livestream.

Are you excited yet?

Mysteryland takes places this weekend in Holland, and for those not able to attend, they will still have the opportunity to view the festival in all its glory. You may use virtual reality headsets, Google Cardboard or on your mobile device via their YouTube channel.

The two day festival brings some bigs names to the lineup including: Don Diablo, Boys Noize, Appollonia, Green Velvet, Dave Clarke and more.

Along with the virtual reality livestream there will also be 360-degree videos shared on their social media channels both days. It gives viewers at home a way to experience this festival from a completely different dimension.

The festival isn’t stopping there. Festival attendees will also have their own experience called The Living Room: A Virtual Reality Experience. It will be held atop the famous landmark, the pyramid of Mysteryland so attendees can catch their breath, relax, cool-off but still not miss a single beat of the festival below.

Mysteryland sure is going where no other festival has gone before infusing music and arts. The mainstage was designed by American Kate Raudenbush, widely known for her work at Burning Man.

The festival will be held this Saturday and Sunday 27th & 28th in The Netherlands. Tickets are still available, grab yours here.

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