Porter Robinson and Madeon announce Shelter Live Tour

Amidst the world wide phenomenon that is Porter Robinson and Madeon‘s new single, Shelter – dance music fans from all over have found themselves rejoicing to the heavens for what is surely the best collaboration of 2016 thus far.

It’s been a long time coming, and while we are all busy destroying the repeat button, the dynamic duo have hit us with one of the greatest, most highly demanded announcements we could possibly imagine – The Shelter Live Tour.

Porter has gone down in the dance music history books with his highly regarded and emotional ‘Worlds’ tour,  while Madeon has also made a name for himself with his incredible live performance, ‘Adventure’.  The two have toured independently quite a bit, and it’s a common occurrence that fans of both have out-cried for an official tour featuring the both of them. If you thought the good news ended there, you are sorely mistaken. In a recent article featured on Billboard, they can be quoted saying:

It’s the stuff of superfan dreams, but it doesn’t stop there. Robinson and Madeon are officially hitting the road on a joint headlining tour, not in the sense that one will perform followed by the other.

That would be boring and unimaginative.

Instead, the musical pals will perform simultaneously, treating audiences to a 100 percent live reinterpretation of both artists’ catalogs that will most likely be so effing mind-blowing that you will totally cry. – Billboard Dance

It’s a wrap, folks. Universes are going to die and be born again in what is surely going to be one of the most influential tours of our dance music generation. You can sign up for pre-sale on the official Shelter Live tour site. Prepare your feels.