Porter Robinson & Madeon map out their future partnership in captivating interview

Last week, Porter Robinson & Madeon surprised us all by dropping a brand new collaboration entitled ‘Shelter‘ as well as releasing dates of a joint American tour where both artists will be working together & performing on stage. Following this, people were keen & eager to find out more so it was only going to be a matter of time before we found out more about the new duo’s project.

The two artists chose to discuss the project in an interview organised by Australian radio station Triple J. Within this interview, Madeon talks about his studio which is located inside a bamboo garden in Nantes, France with Porter Robinson admiring the studio, saying it was the “perfect embodiment of him and his interests

When discussing the Shelter tour itself, Madeon admitted the following:

We’re gonna play together live on stage. We’re gonna play a combination of all our music“.

Therefore this tour may include classic tracks from Porter Robinson & Madeon as well as the fresh new music they will have produced together.

Here’s some good news for Australian fans as the pair later discussed the possibility of bringing the tour to Australia and said the following:

We’d definitely love to; I don’t know if we have plans to do that yet but Australia has served me so, so well. I don’t think I’ve had a bad show there yet and I would absolutely love to bring this tour there.

If you live outside the United States & Australia, you may be a bit gutted that there has been no announcement of the tour to go elsewhere yet. However, a European tour is highly likely as I’m sure Madeon would love to bring this project to his home country, France, as well as the surrounding countries.

Check out the interview with Triple J below via Soundcloud