Watch: Porter Robinson wows HARD Summer fans with three unreleased edits during live set

Taking reign as HARD Summer’s top act of 2015, it was only fitting that the Atlanta-native tower any expectation gathered for this year’s performance. Coming in at a mere 24 years of age, Porter Robinson has set a standard for EDM and what’s required to continuously elevate the industry to new levels; this past weekend was no different.

Taking residence during HARD’s Saturday evening spot, the producer went against the likes of Major Lazer’s 146,000 viewers and dominated. For those who decided to navigate in this different direction, Robinson was set up at Fontana’s Auto Club Speedway; here, his Worlds set would become one of his most elaborate and proportionally inclined hour sessions for the weekend.

With a layout fit for HARD’s intricate stage design, Robinson did a fantastic job hindering to the platform’s Invisible Light Network’s LED blueprint and crowd appeal requirements. And while he did a great job including a number of unreeled edits and material, three individual moments have caught viewer attention- and for good reason.

Robinson is no stranger when it comes to the incorporation of diverse genre’s and cultural inspirations. Attached below are three LIVE videos, all in which showcase the manifested skills he’s seemed to have gathered throughout his six-year time. Uploaded by Redditor Kevin Lee’s YouTube channel, the edits of “Flicker”/”The Glory” (Kanye West), “Natural Light”, and  “Shepherdess”/”She Heals Everything,” are notable not only for their stage presence, but their vocal synchronization and overall beat placement.

For those who were lucky enough to catch these sets in person, and for those who now can watch from the comfort of their own homes, one thing is for certain – Porter Robinson continuously sets an industry bar and always (always), puts on a spectacular show. Check out the videos below and let us know what you think!

“Flicker” x “The Glory”

Natural Light

Shepherdnessx “She Heals Everything

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