September – Cry For You (3LAU Remix)

3LAU’s development as an artist has been impressive to say the least. Now with over five years experience in the studio and on the stage, he has evolved far beyond his mashup roots.

Starting off by touring college campuses, he went on to create some of the scene’s most loved track such as “How You Love Me” and mroe recently “Is It love”. In addition, 3LAU’s recent humanitarian touches through his latest hits remixes package say’s alot about his development as a person. Now regularly hosting the main stages at the likes of Ultra Music Festival and Electric Daisy Carnival, Justin Blau embodies the phrase that ‘hard work pays off’.

Typically orienatted around progressive and electro house, he has devled into classic House and even Trap in recent times. In turn, diverisifying his sound and widening his appeal. This time taking on the esteemed Eurohouse sub-genre, he has reworked one of the previous decades biggest tracks, gaining over 30,000 plays in under 24 hours.

Remixing September’s “Cry For You”, the track itself was a massive success for the Swedish singer. Going on to reach Top 10 status in numerous charts, it was also a childhood favourite for 3LAU. Opting for a reviltatisation of the track, the DJ/Producer lays down a refined house styling on the Eurohouse anthem. Re-toning the chords and adding a slower tempo, September’s scintaltting vocals still remain central to the atmosphere.

Check out the mastery below of 3LAU’s work, availible today!

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