Steve Aoki Tomorrowland

Several injured as roof collapses during Steve Aoki show

At least 15 people have reportedly been injured as a part of the roof collapsed on spectators during Steve Aoki’s concert. Police say that there have been no fatalities and that the reason for the roof collapsing is still unknown.

It was totally insane. The concert began and the roof suddenly started collapsing. People were hit in the head. People began to pull away and then more parts of the roof began to fall.” – Mir Joseph, a student who attended the concert.

Scores of ambulances and rescue based services were promptly dispatched to the venue. There have also been reports of utter panic and chaos at the event with people seen covered in blood. Official reports still aren’t in but police have confirmed that there have not been any life threatening injuries. Local newspapers say that at least 14 concert-goers have been rushed to the emergency room.

Updates to follow.

Source: VG News