Shermanology – Movin’ Too Fast

As the summer begins to draw to a close, there’s always a few tunes that can still become summer anthems and the latest offering from Shermanology is most certainly one of them. Their latest cut “Movin Too Fast” is the perfect deep house record to close out the summer.

Releasing on Armada who are also showing their diversity by branching out into other genres, the track is a remake of the house music classic of the same name from Artful Dodger. The soul-filled production is a shot of nostalgia and is filled with the true heart and emotion which is often missing from dance music these days but while also retaining a feel good element to it as well.

Taking inspiration from the future house boom as well, this is a blend of old and new which is still top quality. Helping to put the groove back into dance music, this is “Movin Too Fast”: