Showtek – Swipe

Dutch duo Showtek are back with a brand new track releasing on 2-Dutch Records entitled “Swipe”. The former hardstyle duo take a nod to the smartphone generation on this tune with the fun vocal and electro-inspired production throughout.

The simple yet catchy bass line which runs throughout acts as the driving force behind the track before the female vocals come through enticing listeners to “Swipe to the left or to the right” before a booming electro styled synth kicks in as the track swiftly escalates into a big room styled drop which means this will no doubt go down a smash in Showtek’s sets.

The track blends to a more trap inspired section before the vocal infused breakdown which again pokes fun at the millennial generation before building a second time into a similar sounding second drop.

You can listen to the full track below direct from 2-Dutch’s YouTube page