Showtek’s earth-shattering festival anthem “Booyah” turns three years old today

Throughout their eminent career, Showtek have continuously risen as two of the electronic music scene’s most talented DJ’s and producers. With their signature hardstyle and electro house sounds, the Dutch duo has electrified numerous crowds around the world and has scored several high-ranking releases under their impressive portfolio.

Over the past few years, the Janssen brothers have dropped a couple of big room gems such as “Cannonball”, “We Like to Party”, and “Bad” alongside David Guetta. Another successful track Showtek released during their breakthrough 2013 campaign was “Booyah”, which they co-produced with their fellow Dutch artists We Are Loud! and Sonny Wilson.

Today marks the third anniversary of the track’s release and thus, we are reliving its heart-pumping electro house elements and brilliant reggae influences. Since its release, “Booyah” became one of the biggest festival anthems going into 2014; although, it is still a huge crowd-pleaser during Showtek’s live performances even today.

With an impeccable fusion between Showtek and We Are Loud’s dynamic instrumentals and Wilson’s vivacious vocals, this record has proven its ground as one of the most exceptional big room productions within the last few years. Especially when the monstrous drop hits, a massive wave of energy instantly hits the audience and makes everyone dance and jump to their feet.

You can relive the madness by listening to the track below: