Steve Aoki settles $10.7 million legal battle

Known for hosting some of the most in-depth concert experiences in Electronic music to date, Florida native Steve Aoki is no stranger to personally interacting with his avid concertgoers. During a past show in 2012, Aoki jumped into the crowd onto an inflatable raft leaving one attendee, Brittany Hickman, with a serious concussion and broken neck. Now, 4 years later, Hickman’s lawsuit of a said $10.7 million in damages against the Hard Rock venue has culminated.

With a 10-2 jury favor, Hard Rock has been dismissed of holding any responsibility towards Steve Aoki’s incident during the 2-week trial which ended yesterday. Hickman’s attorney, John Gomez, asked the court to hold Aoki 10% responsible for the accident, which may not be the full $10.7 asked, but the electro star is still looking at the 1 million payback mark when all is said and done.

With a confidential arrangement that was placed upon Hickman and her team outside of the court even before the trial commenced, Steve Aoki did come to an agreement with the plaintiff where things seemed pretty much straightened out. Unfortunately for him, the court did not take lightly in the matter and continued to dismiss any knowledge of the agreement and continued to place blame on him throughout the trials course.

Although not completely settled on Ms. Hickman’s end, it appears her legal team is pleased with the steps that need to be taken to make sure something of this magnitude doesn’t happen again.

via/ CVN

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