Watch Sven Väth discuss 20 years of Cocoon in latest interview

There aren’t many characters who have lasted as long in the dance scene as the legendary German Sven Väth. The 51 year old has been in the game for over 30 years now since breaking though all the way back in 1986 and has seen and done it all in dance music. His label, booking agency and clubbing concept Cocoon is turning 20 this year and to celebrate this great milestone, he sat down for an in-depth 30 minute interview discussing his career, the beginnings of cocoon and the future for the man many lovingly refer to as Papa Sven.

The video begins with a number of old pictures of the man himself which are also littered throughout the interview showing a younger Sven and some legendary club nights in Ibiza as well as the world over. Sven’s six year old son Tiga accompanies him throughout the interview as the legend discusses the 20th anniversary of Cocoon saying he didn’t expect it to become as large as it did, but that “subconsciously, I maybe had a wish it would.” Sven goes onto to say that “The music and the events were always at the heart of cocoon.”

The techno stalwart then discusses his highlights with Cocoon such as the first party in 1996 and starting a residency in Ibiza. Mr. Väth discusses the end of Space Ibiza as well as Carl Cox saying his career is beginning to slow down saying of his career that “I’m going to continue for as long as I enjoy it.” Last year the DJ was even awarded the prestigious Goethe-Plakette award in Frankfurt of which he said this was like “An accolade for our music and for everyone who’s been involved for decades.

Closing out the interview after discussing his passion for vinyl, Sven spoke on his statement “Music makes us better” in which he said “I’m totally convinced that people who expose themselves to music are positively influenced…. it touches your heart. To me it was always very obvious that exposing yourself to music changes you.

You can watch the enthralling interview below: