ZHU releases highly anticipated ‘Generationwhy’ album

The mysterious producer behind some of the biggest hits of the last 2 years, ZHU, has always prided himself in his unique style of production – from mesmerizing vocals, steady yet relentless bass kicks, and electrifying guitar strings, this fool-proof method has produced overwhelmingly successful results, landing ZHU with a Grammy nomination and multiple top-20 US chart hits. And now ZHU has returned in emphatic style with the release of his highly anticipated album entitled ‘Generationwhy‘, which has finally been released today through Columbia Records.

Building up the hype in the run up to the album’s release, ZHU posted the following message on Facebook: “Someone once said being an artist is like being pregnant. You create, nurture, and carry your art close to you until one day it’s ready to come into the world. And then if you are lucky, you are pregnant again.

The album opens with a short introduction which sets the atmosphere and tone for the following tracks, before the first of a number of new tracks, ‘Cold Blooded‘, really gets things underway. Featuring everything from saxophones to pianos to dark pads, this perfect opener is intense yet enchanting.

Many ZHU fans will already be familiar with the next track, ‘In The Morning‘, which has already gone on to achieve incredible success – through its hypnotic combination of piano and tribal-like percussion syncopating to an instinctive heartbeat, tripping out into a blissed-out track that has filled dance floors everywhere since its release earlier this year. Whilst ‘Secret Weapon‘ is centered mainly around the infectious vocals which are underpinned by some classic funky synths, creating a disco vibe that has a healthy modern twist.

Whilst in comparison, ‘Electrify Me‘ is a atmospheric, intense track that is made somewhat more lighthearted by the catchy vocals. ‘Numb‘ continues in a similar fashion, but also features a seriously groovy beat throughout to add to the unique tone of the track. Like many of the tracks from the album that begin with an abstract quote or sound, we are introduced to ‘Palm of My Hand‘ by the sound of distant police sirens, before the track really gets into gear with the addition of electric guitars, violins and soothing saxophones. ‘

Money‘ has a slightly more chilled vibe than many of the other tracks, with a slower tempo and a feel-good guitar rift looped throughout the track. Whilst ‘One Minute Midnight‘ is another track from the album that pays homage to the classic elements of balearic dance music, with falsetto vocals and bouncy basslines. ‘Reach’ is a club-friendly house track, whereas ‘Hometown Girl‘ sees ZHU team up with Jaymes Young who delivers an infectious vocal in a more radio-ready manner.

As the album draws to a close, ‘Good Life‘ and ‘Generation Why‘ both embody all the characteristics of a groovy summer anthem; breaking in with pleasant nature sounds and soothing chord progressions, ZHU has set a relaxing tone to both the tracks. The album concludes with ‘Working For It’, which many fans will already have heard, as ZHU collaborated with Skrillex in impressive fashion to produce an incredible unique and creative result.

Overall, this is an album not to be missed this summer. Incorporating all of ZHU’s signature sounds and style in the vast majority, this will leave fans satisfied and craving more new music. Similar to his previous work, ‘Generationwhy’ possesses trend-setting, curve-breaking qualities that will certainly continue to catch attention in the coming months.

Listen to all the tracks from the album below and purchase it here.