Kygo’s best moments of 2016 in celebration of his birthday

Kygo may very well be one of the most recognizable electronic acts in the world. He is undoubtedly responsible for shaking up the old guard of electronic music heavyweights as a new type of headliner by using a more mellow sound.

Some may have called it ‘elevator house’ in the beginning, but most of electronic music fans and figures however, recognized his sun-kissed style as a new form of ‘tropical house’ and its potential to pivot the direction of both EDM and the pop music’s sonic lexicon. Even though he helped popularize the sub-genre though, he never considered himself as a tropical house DJ as such. Leading us to play it safe with the term, brilliant musician, instead.

Before he even became interested in music, Kygo wanted to play football, but thankfully Avicii’s “Seek Bromance” convinced him otherwise. At this point, he dropped piano lessons because he “wanted to play the pop stuff,” he told Billboard. Now having reached a similar level of success as his idol, Kygo has kept busy with a high output of quality productions and bringing his expanded live show along to a string of international appearances.

Today marks his 25th birthday, and for this occasion, we’re highlighting his most outstanding moments during 2016.


Kygo’s origins can truly be found in his highly-touted remixes. From his humble beginnings, however, he grew to become an international sensation. A globe-trotting, chart-topping artist that draws in millions of fans throughout the world. Therefore, his debut album, Cloud Nine, which was released back in May, arrived at the peak of his still youthful career. Also doing commercially very well, it helped reinforce his position as dance music’s new pop missionary.

From already established hits like “Firestone” and “Stole The Show”, Kygo presented his versatility with fresh and innovative productions like “Raging”, “Oasis”, “Happy Birthday” alongside John Legend and “Carry Me”. The latter becoming a worldwide hit that even made it to the Olympic Games this year.

Considering the fact that he even was invited to perform with vocalist Julia Michaels at the Maracanã Stadium in Brazil as the curtains came down on the world’s biggest sporting event, is a fairytale for itself. Kygo aptly described it as the biggest performance of his career, and with the millions of viewers who tuned in that night, it’s hard to imagine anything that could top it.

The opportunity to be a part of the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games in Rio is a huge milestone in my career and it will be the biggest performance of my life. I’ve been a sports fan since forever, and to be able to combine this with my music and help to launch something like the Olympic Channel is a dream come true.” – Kygo

To conclude, from being a preeminent purveyor of breezy and divine beats, to the release of his debut album, to also making generous donations to social movements in Africa, the producer has had a fairly full plate in 2016 to say the least. Not full enough, as it seems, Kygo recently announced his new clothing line back in August. And with his latest side project, Kygo also proved that he not only has a knack for music, but also for fashion.

The 27-item collection will set you back anywhere from $45 for a basic men’s brief to $904 for a shearling jacket, making everything an investment piece of sorts. But if you value longevity over budget, the line is definitely worth a gander.

Perfectly suited to the occasion is the track below, “Happy Birthday”. Aptly created by Kygo himself.

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