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5 tracks you may not know Nicky Romero produced

Nicky Romero is an adored and respected figure within the scene of dance music. As an artist he has battles through downs, and sailed through ups, cumulatively creating a mightily impressive artists discography. However, his work as a producer is something often overlooked, and under rated. So here are five tracks you may not realize are penned by the Protocol Recording’s head honcho.


Featured on global superstar, Rihanna’s seventh studio album, ‘Unapologetic’, her vocal mastery within the dance music scene was already renowned. Stemming from her collaboration’s alongside mainstream hit-maker, Calvin Harris, “We Found Love” and “Where Have You Been”, the bass-heavy track was created alongside frequent co-producer, David Guetta.

Britney Spears shall always hold an iconic place in music, for better or for worse. Having had the likes of Tiesto, Otto Knows, Sebastian Ingrosso and David Guetta pen instrumentals for her, Nicky Romero became another addition to the ever-extending list with the big-room sound of “It Should Be Easy”.

One of the biggest tracks from Guetta in recent year’s, Nicky Romero had uncredited role for the star-studded collaboration. Joining two of the rap and pop scene’s biggest star’s, the track brought around a more humble tone and atmosphere.

Undoubtedly lesser known by the large majority of readers, the Japanese rock band Sekai no Owari’s third album, saw it debut at the top of the chart in Japan. The track Nicky Romero put together, was an example of the continued spread of dance music into the global scene, with “Dragon Night” being the first infusion of the sub-genre by the band. There are also rumours, Romero will be working with them on their album next year also.

Whether Nicky Romero and David Guetta will formally create a duo act in the future is anyone’s guess, but the Dutchman’s frequent input for the Frenchman’s portfolio says a lot about his production abilities. Joining Showtek, Ms Dynamite and Elliphant for “No Money No Love”, the tracks fuses a staple of electro house with reggae elements.


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