The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers tease an upcoming collaboration with Coldplay’s Chris Martin

New York’s The Chainsmokers left a memorable mark in 2016 with worldwide hits like “Don’t Let Me Down” and “Closer“. In the second part of the year, their acclaim continues onwards, paving what could be the two powerhouses’ biggest year yet. The Chainsmokers themselves now seem to be teasing fans with the possibility of a monstrous collaboration.

In a video posted on their Snapchat, the producers revealed a footage of a studio session with Coldplay frontman Chris Martin. Working with Chris almost guarantees entering a new realm of visibility and success, though the brief videos don’t reveal much of what the track will sound like. The sixteen seconds of video showcase what appears to be downstrokes on a piano and not much else.

Early previews of the new track are few and far between, though so far, the groundwork sounds like a melodic, charttopping-ready piece. At first glance, The Chainsmokers and Chris Martin may appear to be holding down vastly different ends of the electronic music spectrum. But considering The Chainsmokers’ quixotic, forward-thinking production methods and Chris Martin’s distinct knack for experimentation, their collaborative effort will likely be a complementary (albeit exotic) blend of both parties’ unmistakable styles.


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