Watch: Alesso unveils monstrous new stage setup

Alesso has rapidly ascended from the status of prodigy to a superstar in his own right. Now creating his own demand, his lines of merchandise, headlining features and global popularity reflect a dominant elevation at the top of the dance music scene’s ranks. Reflecting this is his newly-unveiled stage that has taken a mighty four months to go from concept to construction.

Monstrous in scale, he debuted it two days ago in Los Angeles. Playing at the iconic Greek Theatre venue on Saturday night, the new set-up takes Alesso to a new level of performance. With a facade of vibrant LED screens spanning 100 meters in width, their floor-to-ceiling configuration make for some eye-popping visuals to be experienced. Infused with a complex systems of sharp lasers, mobile lights and accompanying speakers to match, it is a stage unseen before.

Rightfully selling out in just nine minutes, the show was one of his most anticipated of 2016. Angled inwardly to his central playing location, his manager Amy Thomas posted a few clips of his new stage, and gave insight into effort behind it:

“It takes a long time to build a show. First you draw it in a crappy piece of paper. Then you add lasers and lights. Then you work with the best people you know to make the drawing come to life. Then you sit in dark rooms and practice…And it was worth every minute….”

Check out the impressive clips below and let us know where it ranks for you!

H/T: YourEDM

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