Listen to Arty’s most underrated tracks in celebration of his birthday

Now a renowned studio genius, Arty burst onto the scene alongside his alias, Alpha 9. A regular feature on the Anjunabeats roster, A State of Trance has also been graced with his materials presence. Following his more recent work, such as his sumptuous remix of 3LAU’s “Is It love” and “Distorted Love”, his genre-bending nature has never ceased to appease our wishes.

As a nod to Arty’s birthday today, we’ve taken the liberty of putting together a selection of tracks that we feel are underrated. A talented talisman when it comes to original and creative content within the sub-genre’s of Progressive House and Trance, the Russian’s portfolio is riddled with gems. Reflective of his genre-fusing character, the list below is certainly one we recommend listening right through to the end of.


1. Alpha 9 – Come Home (Original Mix)
Emotive and progressive, this track is a nostalgic and timeless number to those lucky enough to know it. While nearing 2 million plays, we still feel it should be up there my most renowned from the sub-genre.

2. Alpha 9 – Bliss (Club mix)
Another member to his progressive arsenal, the club mix added another dimension to the much-loved track. A touch more pulsating in tempo, it still manages to capture the eloquent energy of the original format.

3. Tritonal – Utopia (Arty Remix)
Remixing the original masterpeice into an impressive re-imagned seven minutes or so, the track is one of his least known. Soft in tones, and fulfilling in format, the track will hold a special place for his die-hard fans.

4. Arty – Vanilla Sky
A fusion of his Trance flavours with Eurodance tendencies, the track carries with it an electronica veil throughout. Including a deeper spectrum of sound to the previous tracks in the list, it matches the open roads under moonlight almost too well.

5. Arty – Sunset
Lesser known, but still carrying quite the musical punch, the track opens up with a riveting pulsation and emerging plucky melody. As vibrant in energy as it is symphonic in melody, the flirtation with Trance elements can be heard throughout.

6. Reverse – Absolute Reality (Arty Remix)

The second remix in the list, the track is the most lenient to Trance out of the lot. While still holding progressive tendencies, the draw synths and subtitles bring an enriched dynamic that only comes from the iconic sub-genre of dance music.

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