Axwell Λ Ingrosso return to longtime manager Amy Thomson

The Swedish House Mafia saga was declared officialy over after Axwell /\ Ingrosso announced their departure from long time manager and ATM Management founder Amy Thomson one year ago. The pairs decision to leave her came as a shock to many. Under Thomson’s leadership, Axwell and Ingrosso managed to relaunch their new career, whereas Thomson’s management rights remained unchanged during their time “abroad”.

My role as manager of Swedish House Mafia and their rights management remains unchanged.

Shortly after, Axwell and Ingrosso joined fellow Swede, Ash Pournouri and his management company At Night Management. Now, only after one year of cooperative partnership, the duo tunrs their back to Ash’s management and seeks after the mastermind, who is often credited with the monumental success of the Swedish House Mafia that culminated in a sold out Madison Square Garden performance. Amy has started uploading Axwell /\ Ingrosso related content to her social medias and re-added the Swedish duo into her instagram bio. After Avicii’s retiremnt from touring, the latest news considering another top act must be a grave kickback for At Night Management.

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