The Bingo Players continue on with tour announcement aiding cancer research


After the passing of Paul Baumer to cancer in 2013, Bingo Players teammate Maarten Hoogstraten took an obvious leave to reminisce with loved ones, and come to terms with a tragedy as profound as this. Since their debut back in 2007, the pair have released dozens of hits, more specifically known for their two anthems, “Rattle” and “Cry (Just A Little)”.  It’s been almost ten years now since the two took the stage, and what better way to celebrate the decade long career than to keep Baumer’s legacy alive with a North American Tour.

Joining forces with U.S.’s non-profit organization, Fuck Cancer (F C), Hoogstraten will be traveling across the country to raise awareness, and money, for cancer research. Hitting 11 states for a total 13-date tour, this presentation of resilience speaks louder then any show on the market to date. With support from Zookeper, all of the proceeds will go directly towards F C’s research.

In the words of Baumer himself, “For us, we want to continue to help create those meaningful and memorable experiences from our music and shows,” and with the love and support from Hoogstraten, and the rest of the cancer community, that message is surely on its way to fruition.

For more information, visit the Bingo Players official website here.

H/T: Hollywood Life

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